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The Azores - Holidays Out of the Ordinary

The Azores - not the most obvious place to consider for a holiday, but one which will reward a closer look for anyone looking for something out of the ordinary.

The Azores form an enchanting archipelago of nine emerald green islands set in the Atlantic Ocean between Portugal (1,500km) and North America (3,900km). The Azoreans have made a substantial contribution to Portuguese culture and many important figures originate from the islands. On the Azores, you can step into the past and discover the beauty and tranquility of these nine fascinating islands.

The Azores, due of course to their remote location in the Atlantic, is an area largely unexplored by UK and European visitors; and for good reason - they are secluded, peaceful and untouched by time.

The key to the Azores is in the beauty of the archipelago is in the pristine nature that lies within its shores. Lush green rolling hills, vibrant pink Azaleas, crystal blue waters, a profusion of purple hydrangeas and sheer black volcanic rocks - a rainbow of colours affording a photographic opportunity at every turn!

Each island is unique and a multi-island tour is a must for anyone wishing to truly discover the wealth of attractions on offer. There is a whole host of activities available - including excellent whale and dolphin watching, a truly fascinating geological history tour, swimming with dolphins, bird watching, diving, golf, off-road jeep safaris, walking and cycling are all possible. All these activities, however, are geared to remain as low-impact as possible. Where else in Europe can you participate in such a variety of activities, all year-round, amongst the most beautiful of surroundings?

The Azores are very much nature's own playground. Keen gardeners, artists and photographers will be in their element. Holiday durations of three, seven, ten, eleven and fourteen nights are all possibe - and it is a popular idea to combine a holiday in the Azores with a holiday in Madeira or on the Portuguese mainland. Flexibility is the watchword, with tailor-made itineraries across all nine islands incorporating as little or as much as you wish.

The unique beauty of the Azores and the individual character of each island provide an opportunity to explore an area of spectacular natural scenery. As the islands are geographically diverse the first time visitor would do well to think about a pre-booked itinerary of the archipelago which can include six islands (Sao Miguel, Flores, Faial, Pico, Sao Jorge, Terceira) with an excursion on each. Flights to the Azores arrive at the airport of Ponta Delgada.


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